Landscaping Land and Life

It’s full throttle garden season in the north east, and most years I’ve always admired everyone else’s yard and incredible green thumbs. I am a woman of many hobbies, but gardening has never been one I did well in. Thank goodness there was never a class on horticulture in grade school! 😅

A friend gave me some succulents, and for whatever reason my luck changed, I actually got them to stay alive ANNND make babies! It was such a thrilling experience I wanted to try more, and little by little my curiosity turned into a large project. I’ve been tackling each garden bed. We’ve lived in our home for almost 4 years and we’ve completely neglected all the beds around our home and yard. And one by one, they’re being spruced up and starting to look kept, and intentional!

As I was readying for bed after a full day of tearing out a garden bed and planting exciting hostas, I had a revelation.

Take a look at the before pictures and how they were overgrown, covered with weeds and infestations of bugs. It is evident that no one was being intentional, or caring for it. Whatever happened, happened, no one was making good decisions, imagining its possibilities or nurturing it. So it got messy and ugly took over.

But suddenly, when a gardener comes in, dreams up possibilities, gets their hands dirty and back sweaty, it transforms!

Moms, we are like gardeners, we have to be intentional in our motherhood. We have to make good decisions for our children, with the vision of who they shall become. We have to be willing to water the seeds, seedlings, sprouts and mature plants. Be eager to pull out the weeds that will choke out the life of our growing garden! We must fight off the bugs that want to destroy what we are doing!

We can not afford to be aimless in this job, we must put them on the path they should go and guide them on their way. It’s our responsibility and MISSION.

The best part is, we don’t have to garden alone, or figure out the plans on our own. Our beloved friend Jesus is there to give us the best gardening tips possible. He is right there in the garden with us, cultivating and guiding us along!


Published by ConfidentMom

I'm a homeschooling mom of five and country girl at heart. I love being a mom and homemaker and it's my hope that you feel inspired to mother your children confidently.

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