Landscaping Land and Life

It’s full throttle garden season in the north east, and most years I’ve always admired everyone else’s yard and incredible green thumbs. I am a woman of many hobbies, but gardening has never been one I did well in. Thank goodness there was never a class on horticulture in grade school! 😅

A friend gave me some succulents, and for whatever reason my luck changed, I actually got them to stay alive ANNND make babies! It was such a thrilling experience I wanted to try more, and little by little my curiosity turned into a large project. I’ve been tackling each garden bed. We’ve lived in our home for almost 4 years and we’ve completely neglected all the beds around our home and yard. And one by one, they’re being spruced up and starting to look kept, and intentional!

As I was readying for bed after a full day of tearing out a garden bed and planting exciting hostas, I had a revelation.

Take a look at the before pictures and how they were overgrown, covered with weeds and infestations of bugs. It is evident that no one was being intentional, or caring for it. Whatever happened, happened, no one was making good decisions, imagining its possibilities or nurturing it. So it got messy and ugly took over.

But suddenly, when a gardener comes in, dreams up possibilities, gets their hands dirty and back sweaty, it transforms!

Moms, we are like gardeners, we have to be intentional in our motherhood. We have to make good decisions for our children, with the vision of who they shall become. We have to be willing to water the seeds, seedlings, sprouts and mature plants. Be eager to pull out the weeds that will choke out the life of our growing garden! We must fight off the bugs that want to destroy what we are doing!

We can not afford to be aimless in this job, we must put them on the path they should go and guide them on their way. It’s our responsibility and MISSION.

The best part is, we don’t have to garden alone, or figure out the plans on our own. Our beloved friend Jesus is there to give us the best gardening tips possible. He is right there in the garden with us, cultivating and guiding us along!

Hope In the Harvest

I was sitting down with a dear girlfriend, after a very long strenuous day. I shared with her how frustrated I am with this season of mothering that I am in. I have one child who is really great at pushing the boundary line, and I am completely worn down by the constant reinforcing of the boundary line. My emotions and mind is weary and struggling. Can anyone else relate? This child will find themselves unable to sit still or keep their hands to themself, so I say go run, or jump on the trampoline and burn off your energy, and suddenly the child is so tired and needs to just sit and relax or will just stand on the trampoline. Tell me, what am I doing wrong? Am I the crazy person here? No, clearly, this is just a season of motherhood, and this child is going through a phase (Lord, I hope so!)

As I continued in the conversation, I expressed to her that I am just clinging to the promise of God’s word. I had this vision of root tilling an enormous field, and how the work is hard, and exhausting. The sun is beating down, the field seems endless and doubt begins to set in, making a mom question if the work will ever amount to anything or be a success. But after a full season of caring for the field and constantly fighting off weeds, pests and foragers, the harvest will come! And Lord willing, it will be bountiful!

“And don’t allow yourselves to be weary in planting good seeds, for the season of reaping the wonderful harvest you’ve planted is coming! Take advantage of every opportunity to be a blessing to others,  especially to our brothers and sisters in the family of faith!” Galations 6:9-10 TPT

It’s times like these that I am so thankful for the confidence I have access to. This is a promise for us laborers, a.k.a, moms. I know that as discouraging and as tempting as it may be to give in, the living God’s word will deliver. It’s because of His word, I won’t give up. The wonderful harvest is coming.

Notice, it does not to say that the work will be easy, because it won’t, this child is going to continue fussing over their boundaries, that will be ever-changing as they mature. New challenges will arise. It’s through God’s word that we can know that the work will bear fruit, and that we are not putting our hope in someone else’s parenting tips that have only been tested over a few decades or less! Our hope is in the eternal word of God. We must continue to plant good seed.

Father, thank you for your encouragement and that you have not left us to hope in something that MIGHT work, but we have a hope in a faithful God who’s words are true and WILL work! I pray that you would bless our efforts as mothers, in discipling our children to turn their hearts towards you. – Amen

Trust In the Process

You all, it’s been an amazing thing having started this blog, for a few years this has been a calling on my life and a dream stirring in my heart. It’s amazing to finally be walking it out and see God so faithfully answer His promise. 

I remember 5 years ago, I was putting away laundry, I can picture my hand reaching up to hang a freshly laundered shirt in my closet. My marriage was in shambles, our finances were a complete mess, and my life was nothing like I had imagined it to be. I was feeling very disappointed with it all and was pondering if God could still use me. 

I wasn’t even “praying”, but God spoke in that moment through my thoughts, and told me I was in a season of preparation, that everything I was going through and doing, even the laundry, was building experience to be able to minister. I was immediately filled with joy and so thankful! It made something as minuscule as making my bed feel like I was putting the kingdom of heaven first. 

Have you ever felt like the work you are doing at home with your kids is super insignificant? Or have you felt like you’re not getting anywhere? I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past 12 years and often battle thoughts about how behind I might be to other people in the work force. I laugh, because I can think of a time I was scrubbing the kitchen floor and thought to myself, one day at my funeral all they will have to say is, “Well, she mopped her kitchen floor!”😆

God is so faithful! Wherever you are in your life, don’t let doubt entrap you! I see more now than ever how all the strands of his handiwork were so perfectly placed at just the right time, in just the right order to make me into his masterpiece for just the right purpose. I am not complete, but I can just see the piece forming into a clearer picture. It’s making more and more sense. 

“So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together to fit into God’s perfect plan of bringing good into our lives, for we are his lovers who have been called to fulfill his designed purpose. For he knew all about us before we were born and he destined us from the beginning to share the likeness of his Son.” Romans 8:28-29 TPT

Father, Thank you for your faithfulness! Thank you that we are not wondering aimlessly through this universe, but just like you have the Earth placed on the perfect path around the sun to keep it warm enough for life, you are orchestrating every detail of our life! 🙌🏼 Help us to constantly trust in you, and know that you are the potter and we are the clay, always being molded into a masterpiece of perfection, for your glory. -Amen


I sat down today to read the Bible, and the pages literally fell open to the first chapter of Luke. Recently, my children and I had been working on a Christmas curriculum that had us read the Christmas story every day, and so I was less than enthused, however I felt a drawing to read it again, as if there was something new the Lord wanted to show me. I gleaned something, I truly doubted I would find.

One verse, one sentence, was all it took to find a little comfort from God’s word and boost in confidence.

Luke 1:25 says, “She said with joy, “See how kind it is of God to gaze upon me and take away the disgrace of my barrenness!”” TPT version

As I was reading along, this jumped off the page, Elizabeth’s response is so different than what mine might have been and that of her distant relative Sarah.

I appreciate that this translation says, she said it with joy, although that may be debatable, it’s a worthy response. I had to imagine myself and how I am not sure I would have been so joyful, “now? I’ve moved on in life, and I’ll be such an eyesore, every other pregnant girl is young and has that glow, no one will believe me“…but she responded with joy, she was so thankful to God, she was not unsure or questioning her motherhood.

She had confidence! She was a confident mom, she was carrying a child chosen by God to prepare the hearts of people for Jesus. She was more relieved just to be a mother and not even batting an eye at the thought of the responsibility of the child she was carrying. She knew she was chosen.

Here is the truth of the matter, she was chosen to be his mother and she must have had a trust in God that she could see it through. Here is what I take away from this scripture and is encouragement for moms.

Be confident that you were chosen for your children and you are the right mom, the chosen mom for the job. God will supply all your need. Just like he chose Mary for Jesus, Sarah for Isaac, the Mother for Moses, Hagaar for Ishmael, and Elizabeth for John the Baptist. You are called for such a child and time as this, be strong and courageous. Be confident in your calling and mother those babes with the wisdom, strength and discernment from God.

Father, we thank you that you choose us, that you are not a random God! Help us to pay attention to the gifts and talents in our kids and inspire us with grand ideas to reach their fullest. We trust you and believe you will walk us through this responsibility of raising these kids.

Full Access

I was in discussion with my mom about a close friend who is very sick with COVID-19, she was feeling discouraged and so I took the opportunity to share with her what God was showing me and blessing me with in hopes that it would lift her spirits.

Every time I open up my bible I keep seeing the same message over and over again. I am realizing, God really intended to be very involved in our lives. He truly wants to be our source and for us to fully live in him. I told her how I read John 17, it’s right before Jesus is going to be taken into custody and he actually prays for us and prays for a unity like no other!

Seriously think about this! He knew that some bad stuff was about to happen to HIM, and he was praying for us!!! Jesus was thinking of us! 💞

For lack of better words, I feel immensely humbled by his demonstration of REAL love!

He prays this beautiful exchange or transaction with the Father, for us. I picture Jesus sweaty and worn down, like nearing the end of a weary battle, and he makes the final negotiations. Father, Just like we are one, now they can be one, and the glory you gave to me, they have that glory!

23You live fully in me and now I live fully in them so that they will experience perfect unity, and the world will be convinced that you have sent me, for they will see that you love each one of them with the same passionate love that you have for me.

So Moms, invite Christ to live fully in your life, not just part way, or only in the emergencies, or in the good moments. But in everyday, I believe that He is faithful, and will help us in even the tiniest details. He’s secured this incredible unity with the all knowing and incredible creator, why wouldn’t we use full access!

Today I experienced a small example. I was doing review work with my kids and one of my children was struggling to remember stuff. They’re not ready to be a notetaker yet, and my Heavenly Father was so faithful in providing creative solutions. Next thing you know, we are grabbing a stuffed unicorn whom is now Thomas Paine, and Barbie who is on the fence of whether to side with the crown or to rebel and fight for liberty! 😆 If you knew me well enough, you’d realize that is out of the ordinary!

Look at it this way, if you were painting a room, would you just paint a few patches? Or just half of it? No, you would paint it fully, and that is how we should be in our relationship with our Savior.

Heavenly Father, I pray that moms would be joined together with you as one, that we would learn to rely on you in all of our ways. I pray our ways, would become your ways. Be near us, oh Lord and give us strength, and energy for the tasks that lie ahead. Help us to see and recognize that the passionate way you loved Jesus, you feel that way about us! -Amen

Paul wrote to our kids!

My husband has recently built an office in our garage to work from home, it’s super nice, however I have to fight and resist the temptation to burst into his office every time someone doesn’t cooperate or talks back to me. Sometimes, I need a little back up. I’m super thankful that my husband cares deeply for them and wants to see them be the best they can be! But isn’t it awesome to have a perfect Heavenly Father we can go to! I just read chapter 13 of 2nd Corinthians and as I am reading it, I see it all playing out in my head where “Uncle” Paul is writing directly to my kids! It’s his phone call before he gets here, warning the kids to knock it off or else. 😅

“This will be my third trip to you.” That is verse 1 of the chapter! Can’t you just hear it in that mom tone??? 😂

It’s verse 10 that is jumping off the page at me. 

“I’m writing my honest feelings to you from afar so that when I arrive I won’t have to correct you by using the authority the Lord has given me, for I want to build you up and not tear you down.” 2 Corinthians 13:10 TPT

Isn’t that how we all feel Moms? We just want to enjoy these kids, but we must get down to business if we that’s what it comes too. Paul is being so gracious and loving to the church, but he’s warning them, it won’t be pleasant if the issues don’t get handled before I get there! And he’s setting an example for us Moms, remaining gracious and patient, but not letting children off the hook. Every opportunity must be given to fix things, and if they don’t take that opportunity, then we have to elevate to a more consequential circumstance. He also set a deadline, it was not endless bail outs. I think it’s also important to take notice that he says, “the authority the Lord has given”, we too have been given authority as Moms, from the Lord to guide these children. Just like Paul lovingly watched over the church. Keeping it from destruction.

What a great writing and source to confidently mother. 

We can be gracious, give fair warning, but we can’t ignore a problem in our homes. It has to be dealt with, and we can act on the authority given to us. 

We are to build up and not tear down! I love that he said that, I plan to keep that in mind, in the future dealings with my kids, and honestly, even in my marriage.

As I come to a close, I come back to the original idea, we are not doing this alone, we have someone in our corner, to come back us up! I have often prayed for my kids when I feel like I am not getting through to them, amazingly, the Holy Spirit has worked on my children’s hearts and changed things.

I encourage you to take time and read the full chapter, and I’d like to paraphrase and pray a few select verses over us moms tonight. 

Father, I come to you and ask Mom's souls will be strengthened and healed as they hold steadfast to their faith. I pray that they would remember their experiences with Jesus Christ himself living in them. [vs.5]... I claim that moms would be fully equipped and mature, because it brings you great joy when they are strong. [vs 8-9]

Message to Confident Moms

In my previous post I shared with you how God encouraged me in doing better at utilizing my battle plan, aka, bible. If you missed it, check it out, it’s super simple and encouraging click here.

So I had mentioned that I was studying 2 Corinthians and here is the message for confident moms that God revealed to me.

Paul wrote about his suffering, it was so awful that the apostle, who gets VIP in the history of the church, described their experience to have felt like they had a death sentence written on their hearts. Paul and his team felt so overwhelmed the highly respected leader wanted to QUIT! ENTIRELY! Wow!🤯

 Have you ever felt like you wanted to quit motherhood? 

🙋🏻‍♀️ Me! Like right now, I want to quit before I’ve even started, it’s past time to train my almost three year old to use the potty 🙈 Truthfully, that’s a small situation, I have homeschooled my kids for 7 years now and it at times has pushed me to the limit! Isn’t it refreshing to know that even Paul almost surrendered? However, I’m sure whatever circumstance he was facing was rather severe. None the less, there is a real opposing force that wants to steal, kill, and destroy us, and our children. So, do not underestimate that!

Paul then continued his letter stating, after all that, it taught them that they cannot have any faith in themselves, but they had to put all of their trust in God, the one who can raise the dead. 

It blows me away that again, the infamous Paul, had to come under the view point, that he can’t have any faith in himself! How much more susceptible might we modern day ladies be to rely on ourselves, our google, our texting, our messaging? Paul knew the proverb by heart and it just got real for him.

Moms, we can’t put any faith in ourselves, our confidence has to come from the true source.

I encourage you to pray about the big and small things. I am going to start praying for this upcoming potty training season. Do I expect it to go smoothly? No 🙎🏻‍♀️, but I know that my God will walk through it with me, supply me creative ideas and solutions to do it successfully.

Paul suffered immensely and instead of turning on God, he was drawn closer to him! It taught him and should teach us to not trust in our own understanding, but in ALL our ways acknowledge him. Let our struggles and frustrations draw us closer to him!

Father, I pray for these moms, no matter what they are facing, they would not allow it to consume them, and remember you care about the challenge they are facing. No matter how big or small, they can bring it to you in prayer and trust that you will set their path straight. -Amen

8Brothers and sisters, you need to know about the severe trials we experienced while we were in western Turkey. All of the hardships we passed through crushed us beyond our ability to endure, and we were so completely overwhelmed that we were about to give up entirely. 9It felt like we had a death sentence written upon our hearts, and we still feel it to this day. It has taught us to lose all faith in ourselves and to place all of our trust in the God who raises the dead.

2 Corinthians 1:8-9 The Passion Translation

5Trust in the Lord completely,and do not rely on your own opinions.With all your heart rely on him to guide you,and he will lead you in every decision you make.

Proverbs 3:5 The Passion Translation

Learning to use our battle plan

If you’ve read my first post, we are discussing specifically the use of the battle plan that was clenched tightly in the woman’s fist, of our vision. And if you haven’t read it, don’t miss it, check it out here.

Currently I’ve been reading in 2 Corinthians, and I have a terrible memory…just ask my husband and he will roll his eyes so far back you’ll be concerned if they’ll ever center again! Which means, I have read the first few chapters of 2 Corinthians quite a few times, but don’t ask me what I read. I was sharing my frustration with the Lord and felt a brilliant idea come through, super simple but none the less effective.

Today I went back and read the first chapter for at least the third time 😳, and after each section or paragraph I took notes. Anytime something struck me, inspired me or said something that comforted me, I wrote it down. I paraphrased it and commented on where it lead my thoughts. My favorite is when the word puts truth to what I already instinctively felt. (Maybe it could have perplexed me, questions are great too and can become an exciting treasure hunt!)

Guess what! I could summarize for you the theme of 2 Corinthian 1:1-11! I even remembered the verse numbers without having to go back and look at my notebook.🙌🏼 🙌🏼 🙌🏼 🙌🏼 💃🏻

I don’t know about you, but I have really been wanting to just dig in the word and let it speak to me, and not be reliant on an author spoon feeding me. My 10 month old is begging for our table food, crying and demanding I share with her, she can’t resist! That’s me and God’s word, wanting to get it in my heart and mind.

It gets better, it totally has a message directly for moms seeking confidence! I’ll save that for the next post!

Also moms, let’s pace ourselves and give grace. I was on a call with a family member, who was sharing with me their goal for reading through the Bible in a year. I had done that reading program previously, but instead of a year it took me a year and a half, but I did it! And I loved it! Would absolutely do it again and highly recommend it. I told her, I thought I’d be so much further in knowledge than I actually became. After completing it, I learned that studying and knowing Gods word take so much endurance, more endurance than needed to run a marathon or keep up with an exercise program… it’s a lifetime of learning. You’ll never be able to master it in a year, or EVEN a lifetime.  

So moms, it’s time to pick up your battle plan, trust and believe that when you do, God will speak to you. I pray every night over my kids that when they open up the word, it would speak to them and come alive, fulfilling their souls. I pray this over you too.

Father in heaven, just as you call your word the living word, I pray that as moms open it up, it would light up off the page, speaking words of life and encouragement. Revealing solutions they need in raising their kids well and completing the task faithfully. -Amen

I would be so privileged if you’d share with me what God shows you! Especially, a word for confident moms!

The True Source for a Confident Mom

I adore Disney’s China movie, it follows an actual panda mom. My heart is warmed by her nurturing, and how she keeps her baby close, snuggling it nonstop. That’s sort of the idea I had about motherhood, this warm person that a single hug melts away the troubles of this world. Unfortunately, I found in my own motherhood that something was missing. I could melt away troubles with my hugs, but not tantrums or get cooperation or get “can do” attitudes out of my kids. I realized I needed to have strategies, and methods to achieve the desired results. But I constantly doubted every move I made, second guessing every decision, or felt like I was not doing enough.

I was cleaning my room when I finally had the revelation. I was thinking about other moms I admire, and how they trusted the process, and did not constantly worry. They had a confidence, that I was clearly lacking. I began to pray and felt the Lord show me that I’m not the only one struggling with confidence and that he would walk me through motherhood, and not leave me to do it alone. He would become my source for the confidence needed to lead these children. I believe it was an answer to prayer!

Over the next few months I continued to ponder the concept of a confident mom, this vision began to develop of a woman, standing on a hilltop overlooking a battle field, with an intense war raging but not over flesh and blood, but for the souls of our children. The wind is blowing through her long wavy hair and she has a stoic look on her face. She is not shaken, scared or intimidated, but ready. She looks at the fighting happening below her while holding a beautiful flag in her left hand and her fist clenched to her war plan on her right side. She’s relying on the sources around her and the leader of her military as she leads her unit confidently to victory. She is not surprised or unwavered by the mess and challenges that lay ahead of her. She does not feel unsure, or disappointed that everything looks different than what she originally imagined or expected. She is confident in the one who has lead her there, and will continue to lead her, to victory.

I hope this vision empowers you, and you replace that woman on the hilltop with yourself, and see your hair blowing in the wind, no matter if it’s straight, wavy, short or long. You are holding the flag to symbolize prayer! That’s our means of communication with our leader. During the civil war, they used flags on a hilltop to signal battle plans, I pray you receive your battle plans from the almighty God of the Bible whom loves you and wants to see your children reach their destinies. The war plan in the right hand represents a bible. Let’s stay connected to the word of God even more than our social media! Can’t you see us turning through it, multiple times a day lifting our soul and keeping our thoughts strong!

Shortly after that vision, I was lead in the word of God to this verse and felt like it was everything we need to remember, it’s our first lesson on confidence.

“We carry this confidence in our hearts because of our union with Christ before God. Yet we don’t see ourselves as capable enough to do anything in our own strength, for our true competence flows from God’s empowering presence.

Moms, let’s carry this confidence in our hearts because of our union with Christ! We may not see ourselves as capable to do this job on our own strength, and that’s ok because our true competence comes from God’s empowering presence. So let’s pray today for that empowering presence, and pray everyday.

Father in Heaven, thank you for your Love, for us moms and our children! Help us where we are weak and provide solutions in our parenting. Help us to be more patient and loving, but never hold back for our own conveniences. Give us strength to overcome evil with kindness. Thank you that you are with us! We invite your presence to be with us as we guide our children, give us thoughts higher than ours and creativity for the day.