Hope In the Harvest

I was sitting down with a dear girlfriend, after a very long strenuous day. I shared with her how frustrated I am with this season of mothering that I am in. I have one child who is really great at pushing the boundary line, and I am completely worn down by the constant reinforcing of the boundary line. My emotions and mind is weary and struggling. Can anyone else relate? This child will find themselves unable to sit still or keep their hands to themself, so I say go run, or jump on the trampoline and burn off your energy, and suddenly the child is so tired and needs to just sit and relax or will just stand on the trampoline. Tell me, what am I doing wrong? Am I the crazy person here? No, clearly, this is just a season of motherhood, and this child is going through a phase (Lord, I hope so!)

As I continued in the conversation, I expressed to her that I am just clinging to the promise of God’s word. I had this vision of root tilling an enormous field, and how the work is hard, and exhausting. The sun is beating down, the field seems endless and doubt begins to set in, making a mom question if the work will ever amount to anything or be a success. But after a full season of caring for the field and constantly fighting off weeds, pests and foragers, the harvest will come! And Lord willing, it will be bountiful!

“And don’t allow yourselves to be weary in planting good seeds, for the season of reaping the wonderful harvest you’ve planted is coming! Take advantage of every opportunity to be a blessing to others,  especially to our brothers and sisters in the family of faith!” Galations 6:9-10 TPT

It’s times like these that I am so thankful for the confidence I have access to. This is a promise for us laborers, a.k.a, moms. I know that as discouraging and as tempting as it may be to give in, the living God’s word will deliver. It’s because of His word, I won’t give up. The wonderful harvest is coming.

Notice, it does not to say that the work will be easy, because it won’t, this child is going to continue fussing over their boundaries, that will be ever-changing as they mature. New challenges will arise. It’s through God’s word that we can know that the work will bear fruit, and that we are not putting our hope in someone else’s parenting tips that have only been tested over a few decades or less! Our hope is in the eternal word of God. We must continue to plant good seed.

Father, thank you for your encouragement and that you have not left us to hope in something that MIGHT work, but we have a hope in a faithful God who’s words are true and WILL work! I pray that you would bless our efforts as mothers, in discipling our children to turn their hearts towards you. – Amen

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I'm a homeschooling mom of five and country girl at heart. I love being a mom and homemaker and it's my hope that you feel inspired to mother your children confidently.

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