Paul wrote to our kids!

My husband has recently built an office in our garage to work from home, it’s super nice, however I have to fight and resist the temptation to burst into his office every time someone doesn’t cooperate or talks back to me. Sometimes, I need a little back up. I’m super thankful that my husband cares deeply for them and wants to see them be the best they can be! But isn’t it awesome to have a perfect Heavenly Father we can go to! I just read chapter 13 of 2nd Corinthians and as I am reading it, I see it all playing out in my head where “Uncle” Paul is writing directly to my kids! It’s his phone call before he gets here, warning the kids to knock it off or else. 😅

“This will be my third trip to you.” That is verse 1 of the chapter! Can’t you just hear it in that mom tone??? 😂

It’s verse 10 that is jumping off the page at me. 

“I’m writing my honest feelings to you from afar so that when I arrive I won’t have to correct you by using the authority the Lord has given me, for I want to build you up and not tear you down.” 2 Corinthians 13:10 TPT

Isn’t that how we all feel Moms? We just want to enjoy these kids, but we must get down to business if we that’s what it comes too. Paul is being so gracious and loving to the church, but he’s warning them, it won’t be pleasant if the issues don’t get handled before I get there! And he’s setting an example for us Moms, remaining gracious and patient, but not letting children off the hook. Every opportunity must be given to fix things, and if they don’t take that opportunity, then we have to elevate to a more consequential circumstance. He also set a deadline, it was not endless bail outs. I think it’s also important to take notice that he says, “the authority the Lord has given”, we too have been given authority as Moms, from the Lord to guide these children. Just like Paul lovingly watched over the church. Keeping it from destruction.

What a great writing and source to confidently mother. 

We can be gracious, give fair warning, but we can’t ignore a problem in our homes. It has to be dealt with, and we can act on the authority given to us. 

We are to build up and not tear down! I love that he said that, I plan to keep that in mind, in the future dealings with my kids, and honestly, even in my marriage.

As I come to a close, I come back to the original idea, we are not doing this alone, we have someone in our corner, to come back us up! I have often prayed for my kids when I feel like I am not getting through to them, amazingly, the Holy Spirit has worked on my children’s hearts and changed things.

I encourage you to take time and read the full chapter, and I’d like to paraphrase and pray a few select verses over us moms tonight. 

Father, I come to you and ask Mom's souls will be strengthened and healed as they hold steadfast to their faith. I pray that they would remember their experiences with Jesus Christ himself living in them. [vs.5]... I claim that moms would be fully equipped and mature, because it brings you great joy when they are strong. [vs 8-9]

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I'm a homeschooling mom of five and country girl at heart. I love being a mom and homemaker and it's my hope that you feel inspired to mother your children confidently.

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