The True Source for a Confident Mom

I adore Disney’s China movie, it follows an actual panda mom. My heart is warmed by her nurturing, and how she keeps her baby close, snuggling it nonstop. That’s sort of the idea I had about motherhood, this warm person that a single hug melts away the troubles of this world. Unfortunately, I found in my own motherhood that something was missing. I could melt away troubles with my hugs, but not tantrums or get cooperation or get “can do” attitudes out of my kids. I realized I needed to have strategies, and methods to achieve the desired results. But I constantly doubted every move I made, second guessing every decision, or felt like I was not doing enough.

I was cleaning my room when I finally had the revelation. I was thinking about other moms I admire, and how they trusted the process, and did not constantly worry. They had a confidence, that I was clearly lacking. I began to pray and felt the Lord show me that I’m not the only one struggling with confidence and that he would walk me through motherhood, and not leave me to do it alone. He would become my source for the confidence needed to lead these children. I believe it was an answer to prayer!

Over the next few months I continued to ponder the concept of a confident mom, this vision began to develop of a woman, standing on a hilltop overlooking a battle field, with an intense war raging but not over flesh and blood, but for the souls of our children. The wind is blowing through her long wavy hair and she has a stoic look on her face. She is not shaken, scared or intimidated, but ready. She looks at the fighting happening below her while holding a beautiful flag in her left hand and her fist clenched to her war plan on her right side. She’s relying on the sources around her and the leader of her military as she leads her unit confidently to victory. She is not surprised or unwavered by the mess and challenges that lay ahead of her. She does not feel unsure, or disappointed that everything looks different than what she originally imagined or expected. She is confident in the one who has lead her there, and will continue to lead her, to victory.

I hope this vision empowers you, and you replace that woman on the hilltop with yourself, and see your hair blowing in the wind, no matter if it’s straight, wavy, short or long. You are holding the flag to symbolize prayer! That’s our means of communication with our leader. During the civil war, they used flags on a hilltop to signal battle plans, I pray you receive your battle plans from the almighty God of the Bible whom loves you and wants to see your children reach their destinies. The war plan in the right hand represents a bible. Let’s stay connected to the word of God even more than our social media! Can’t you see us turning through it, multiple times a day lifting our soul and keeping our thoughts strong!

Shortly after that vision, I was lead in the word of God to this verse and felt like it was everything we need to remember, it’s our first lesson on confidence.

“We carry this confidence in our hearts because of our union with Christ before God. Yet we don’t see ourselves as capable enough to do anything in our own strength, for our true competence flows from God’s empowering presence.

Moms, let’s carry this confidence in our hearts because of our union with Christ! We may not see ourselves as capable to do this job on our own strength, and that’s ok because our true competence comes from God’s empowering presence. So let’s pray today for that empowering presence, and pray everyday.

Father in Heaven, thank you for your Love, for us moms and our children! Help us where we are weak and provide solutions in our parenting. Help us to be more patient and loving, but never hold back for our own conveniences. Give us strength to overcome evil with kindness. Thank you that you are with us! We invite your presence to be with us as we guide our children, give us thoughts higher than ours and creativity for the day.


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I'm a homeschooling mom of five and country girl at heart. I love being a mom and homemaker and it's my hope that you feel inspired to mother your children confidently.

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